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We can affirm that nowadays, PER ANTIVIRUS is the most powerful antivirus, because it is the one that detects more viruses and the one which does it faster, thanks to its advanced technology.

It detects and destroy any kind of virus, macro, worm, trojan, spyware and any kind of agent that tries to damage your system. This application, though it is compacted in just 1.5 MB, it is more effective than other big ones with more advertisements.

We have to highlight that it is daily updated and that it offers you a 24/365 support.

It destroys any virus or macros and unknown viruses from applications like Microsoft Office 95, Office 97, Office 2000 y Office XP. It deletes viruses even if they are in encrypted or password-protected files.

It detects and destroys viruses in Visual Basic Scripts, Java Scripts, HTML, etc. under .VBS, .EXE, .COM, .BAT, .SHS, .HTA, .HTT, .PIF, .SCR, JPG, CPL formats, hidden files,...

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